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Hi everyone: you are right that some tours do not pick up at pier and require taking taxies or vans or other transportation to pick up locations.
However, some of the cost savings are really great.

HolAm --highlights of Tokyo is $ 155 and Panoramic Tokyo from www.act.jtbgmt is about $ 112.

HolAm Ming Tombs and Great Wall or Beijing & Forbidden City are $199/ea. The same tours from and run between $ 20-$50/each.

Best of Shanghai from HolAm is $ 112, while from is $ 50.

HolAm tour of Best of Hong Kong is $179 and from it is $40.

HolAm tour of Historic & scenic Bali is $ 99 while fromwww.passion it is $36/pp for 3-6 people.

These are just examples of the first few days of planning. I would like to have more people go on these tours and get more ideas and input on what are the best available options for us.

Some of the HolAm tours that sound good are: Borobudor by Motor Coach in Semarang and Kakadu National Park Adventure in Darwin.

There is also a 7 hour Samoa bus tour from for $26.43

My wife would go but she doesn't want to miss grandchildren's 4th & 1st birthdays plus a few other issues.

If anyone wants to exchange email addresses or phone numbers, just let me know.

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