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Silence between posts in itself, can actually say you called it right or not and I’m asking you what happened to the opinions on this thread? And I’m asking the people or country that can chant at every occasion USA…. USA!

Where are the people ready to stand up or voice opinion against those that would not allow us to live our lives…unless you totally fear them or what is even more worrying is you ignore them and the problem…. as you feel it does not touch you in your own personal bubble?

You go silent, as you don’t know how to deal with what is being presented to you…..then.they win, and forget that all that PC crap because you don’t want to offend anyone! Lets talk reality…..

Make a stand and a statement. You cannot fight this fight by staying in your own comfort zone, ie you now just vacation at home because it’s easy, safe and ignore what is happening in the rest of the world, that’s really disappointing.

So lets hear it for “these people aren’t going to direct my life?….You don’t win bud.

Sorry... I'm a patriot of freedom and will not be cowered by those that would try and take that away from me, by "whatever threat" or means

Vent over
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