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Now, let's talk beds. If you are a couple and are still close enough to sleep together, then you can ask for the two twin beds to be made up together. Don't make the mistake and ask for them to be pushed together. They will do just that and you will both have separate sheets and stuff. Also, I once fell through between the beds, when they were not properly connected. The bedding is wonderful, and I have heard very few people complain about it.

Since we are so close to the balcony door, lets go out there. I love the balcony, but I didn't always like it. I have a fear of heights. I can not look straight down for very long. I have an easier time, on the ocean than I do on land. The standard balcony has two Wal mart type plastic chairs, and a table. (Little) The railing top is wood, and the rest is plexiglass, so that you can see through to the ocean when you are sitting. Okay, let's get this over with, because it has become one of my pet peeves. YOU CAN NOT FALL OFF THE BALCONY!!! You can climb, and fall, or someone who doesn't like you can pick you up and push you, but unless you are about 8 foot tall, you are not going to fall. Okay off my soap box, and the ship hasn't left yet, so let's go back inside.
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