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Yes, we are the nation that will chant “USA? every opportunity. We believe we’re the greatest nation in history, and we take every opportunity to rub it in the world’s face. Not always the most dignified way to present ourselves.

We’re still young enough to forget at times that the Romans ruled the entire civilized world for a thousand years. A thousand years…….

And yet unlike the Romans, Americans really have no desire for conquest. Perhaps we’re too self-absorbed, perhaps we just want to be left alone. We rarely initiate conflict, but respond well when conflict is initiated against us.

And as difficult as it may be to believe for some, Americans are just humans like everyone else. We get fired up when challenged, and then the flames of passion cool and we go back to our daily lives. In every conflict where our nation was directly threatened, we have prevailed. And after the mayhem has ended we go back to our daily lives. It is human nature.

We humans can sustain trauma for only so long. And after that time we go insane, or we go about our daily lives.

Going about our daily lives isn’t surrender – indeed, it is the surest sign that the enemy has not prevailed. You see, when our daily lives are changed, when our way of live is irrevocably altered, then we have lost something. Something very precious.

Passions cool, threads die. It is the natural course of things. (As natural as things get around here anyway.) A thread that has run its course doesn’t signify anything beyond that.

I applaud your stand for freedom. I applaud your stand against those who seek to take that from us. You’d make a fine American, for what it’s worth.

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