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This is where we might split up. Look at your capers, and see what there is to do. Some of you might have to go to dinner, and some of you might have late dinner times. Let me give you some advice here. While on the ship, try to keep meal times the same as at home. This is important to your digestive system. Also, if you have young children, please don't do late dinner, especially if they are use to going to bed early. It just isn't fair to them.

You also need to check the Capers to see when any special group is going to meet. The 02 club for teens might have their meet and greet, or the Camp Carnival for the little ones might have sign up. This is why you need to take a few minutes to look the Capers over.

I have early seating. The best time is 6:15, but on the Conquest I like the Monet dinning room and they start at 5:45. A little early, but very close to the way we eat at home.

Today, you basically have to be clean to get in the dinning room. Many people have not received there luggage yet, so the dress code is not strict at all.

The wine list looks pretty good. Maybe a bottle of Chardonnay, Cuvaison, Carneros.

"No Thank You, We will have water, and my friend here, has a soda card, so could you please send the drink steward over?"

See how easy it is. You are in a restaurant on a boat, on the ocean. Life is very similar than what you have at home, except the scenery keeps changing.

Now when the waiter comes to your table, he will hand you a menu. You will pick your appetizer, salad, and main course. A dessert menu will come later. Don't be afraid to ask about something that you don't recognize. They are more than happy to answer your questions. Also, don't be afraid to try something different. On our first cruise in 05 I wanted to try escargot. I was very adult, unhick about it, and when it came to the table, I had no idea how to get those things out of there little carrier. They honestly looked like little eye balls. I was sitting next to a man who had also ordered them. I saw which fork he used, and did what he did. I was after all an example for my sons who were sitting there watching. My youngest had already asked what it was, but we didn't answer. Finally his dad leaned over to tell him, just as I had it up to my mouth. My son said, "You mean those crawly things we have in our front yard?" Well, we four were sitting with another family with two teen girls (way to go Carnival) and a family that, well as the saying goes, didn't think there do do stank. The entire table broke up laughing, but the don't stink women who made a comment about sitting with lower class people. They were actually pretty good. Thank God for butter and garlic. Speaking of butter, see the little bell sitting on the table? Under the dome is your butter. The empty plate to the side of your large plate is where they will put bread, when they come around.

I have been told that the silverware is planned ahead, depending on what is served that day, and you should use the silver on the outside, working your way in, and that your dessert fork and spoon is at the top of your plate. I am sure someone here will correct me.

While we are here enjoying our meal, take a minute to think of how lucky you are. No dishes to wash, don't have to pay for your meal.

Life is good.........
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