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You know it is getting kind of late, so let's go back to the room, and talk a little before bed.

You probably have noticed how important you S&S card is. You also have probably noticed that people have different colors. Yours is Red, White and Blue, because this is your first cruise. I have a gold card, because I have been on more than one. A platinum card is for those who are on their 10th cruise or more. The only real difference in the blue and the gold, is that you get a lot of crew members who say welcome back, or in your case, welcome. For Platinum you get a few goodies, which I don't have a copy, so if someone reading this has the info, please post.

Now, see how different your room looks? The curtains are closed to block out the morning sun, the end table lights are on to set the mood. You bed has been turned down, with chocolate on the pillow, and more important is your new Capers.

Notice that there are 67 things to do tomorrow. No, they don't expect you to do them all, but they do want you to have a good time. You need to get out that marker, and take your pick, unless you have been drinking to much, and need to wait until morning. I wouldn't want you to go to the teeth whitening clinic, if all of yours are made in a shop.

Now, Take the first night capers, the one you got this afternoon, and put it in a different zip lock. Poke a hole in the top, and hang it on the hook, on the wall. That will hold all your old Capers throughout the week. Use the zip lock for today to put your new ones in. See how organized!

Before you go to sleep, get the room service menu off the hook, and fill it out for in the morning. It is limited, but it will at least give you something to eat and drink, before you get ready for breakfast. If you will notice, there is a place at the bottom to put what time it is to be delivered. Tell them the time you want to wake. What a great wake up call.

Now, as you lay in bed, that is so soft and welcoming, notice the gentle sway of the bed. Good Night...... See you in the morning.....
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