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My advise is for you to cruise on a hosted Singles cruise and look for a cruise-mate that is compatiable with you.

I recently attended a pre-cruise party where 10 of us singles got together.
There was one gal who was a total flake, another gal was a hottie who loved sex, and another very pretty lady who smelled like fish. Which one would you prefer as your roomie if you had a choice? This is why I think it is best to choose your cruise mate after you meet them on a hosted singles cruise.
Myself personally, I need a roomie who can live with me in a cabin the size of a closet. I have a mean streak in me so I am sometimes hard to get along with. My roomie for the VTG Carnival Pride cruise for Halloween has my personality too. We are double-trouble for anyone who gets in our Ms. X

Hey Tanman. I have been busy on the private VTG website message board.
I plan to ask my sister to be my roomie for the Jan. 20th cruise.
Have you heard the news that the Ossterdam ship had some type of problem with their ship recently? The ship had to go slow on that cruise because of the mechanical problem. Ms. X
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