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Okay, I am finally ready for our first formal night. A lot has been said about formal night. What do I wear? Will I be looked at funny? Will I be dressed up enough? Sadly, people will sometimes try to shame you into doing things, even though they don't know the person, or the ship, so let me tell you some common sense stuff. It is true that in the olden days, everyone was Tuxs and ball grounds. But is also true, is that over the years, the rules have evolved. If you are a man or male, then if you have a Tux, or have the money to rent one, either in your home town, or on the ship, this is what you should plan on. If you don't then a dark suit would be good. If you don't have that, then what about a pair of dress pants, dress shirt, and tie. If you still have none of the above, On the Conquest you will not be turned away if you have on dockers and a polo shirt. I do not claim to have cruised on all ships, but from Galveston, you see very few Tuxs. For the most part, you see suites. If you are military, wear your dress greens or blues. For our first cruise, hubby refused to wear military. Not because he isn't proud, but because this was a "getting away from military cruise" He also didn't have a suite. We did the dress pants thing.

Now for the women: If you have a ball gown then wear it, if you have a cocktail dress, that's good too. If you have none of the above, wear your nicest church clothes. A lot of ladies prefer the long black pants, so if you have it wear it.

On our first cruise last summer, I didn't have time to get all this fancy stuff. I left the house mad, at not hubby, but at the world, and the Army. Once again, they had interrupted a nice dinner with the phone
calls. I thought I would just ride around, to cool off. I saw the travel agency with this huge Carnival poster in the window. It said "Get away from it all" I did. I booked the cruise on Thursday, Carnival FedEx our Doc's which arrived on Monday, and we left Thursday. I wore a pretty pink summer dress, with heals. Not fancy, and no one said a word. Now on our next two cruises. Back to back this past Christmas, we went all out. The guys bought new black suites, white silk ties, and I had a black ball gown. To this day, my son calls the formal picture, the mafia picture. We looked like we were straight out of a Godfather movie. But,........ Ball gown got on the elevator that night. Well, part of it did. I went to deck 7 and the back of my dress stayed on deck 9. Now this is where you need to get out your list of things to bring. DUCT TAPE!! We had two more formals to go to on that two cruises, and I didn't have anything else to wear. So we duct taped that dress from under, and that is the way I wore it. As I would walk, part of the tape would stick to my leg, and make the strangest sound. I just held my head up proud, and pretended it had to be someone else. All around the world today, the uppity ladies are in need of there smell salts, but you know what? A girl does what she has to do. Want to see them faint again? The color of the tape was LIME GREEN. You couldn't see it from the outside, but just the idea of this hick taping her dress.
This last cruise I wore a red cocktail dress, that was jagged on the bottom. Why not, my black one was from the elevator.

The food from formal night is usually special too. Lots of steak, Lobster, etc. It really is a treat to go and feel like you are straight out of the Titanic movie. Sorry, bad example.
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