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Neither my 6 or 8 year old had problems getting sick. We were on deck 8 about 1/3rd the way back from the front. We were right below the spa on the Wonder. There was plenty to do. You can book it yourself at or go to a travel agent. I booked it online and included the airfair. They then took care of transfering our luggage and the ride from the airport to the port. You can book it online and then go to your AAA office and they can take the reservation over and they will give you a ship board credit. We found out too late. She told me that they can't give a discount but even if they make the final payment, they can still give you the ship board credit.

At Nassau, AVOID ADLANTIS! We thought it would be cool but we were very dissapointed in it. The fish tank was nice but not worth the price or the time with other things to do. Take your kids to the dolphins. My wife and I agreed, we would rather have toured the island than have gone to Atlantis.

Think about spending at least one day on the ship. There is so much to do, you need at least one day to see the entire ship. We would put the kids in the child area every eve. and go get a drink and walk the top deck. It was nice being able to connect with my wife again. We took one night and went to Paleo's. Very nice restraunt but give yourself at least 3 hours for the dinner. MAKE THE TIME FOR THIS WITH YOU AND YOUR WIFE ONLY! No kids are allowed here. We made the reservations after the dinner, we took the kids to the dinner and we ate an appitiser only and then ate at Paleo. We did this on the last night on the ship. This was not a good idea because we had to have our bags packed and in the hall by 11PM so they could get ready to unload all luggage in the AM.

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