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Okay, the dinner is over, and now we need to go and find the perfect background for our formal pictures. You will find many backgrounds on the Conquest, as well as many other ships. Pictures are my down fall. I can't help but buy anything that has my family in it. So, the best thing to do, is be picky on what you have taken.


There is a photo gallery on each cruise. Every so often, go there and pick up the pictures that have been taken of you and your family. The first ones are 8x10's, but you can order smaller ones as well. They also develop film, and sale photo albums, and frames. Watch specials through out the week in this department too. The joke on the ship is"How do I know which pictures are mine, since they don't have your name on them. I would love to give you regular prices on the photos, but the price has gone up, every cruise we have taken, so any amount, would probably be wrong for your cruise. They run around 20.00 a piece.

Now, here is another area that is talked about and debated, and even deleted due to the fact that the differences are often debated, heatedly.

We change clothes. It is because we want to enjoy the rest of the evening, a little more comfortable. It will be up to you, because you will see both.

Now, Let's talk about Excursions. There is a excursions desk on the ship. It is many times crowded, but it is there. In your capers, will be advertisements for excursions, but let me tell you what we have always done.

I book all of our excursions on line, before I ever leave home. One good thing is that they are paid for, before we go. They are refundable if I change my mind, before we leave. I can see what is open, and don't have to worry about it being sold out. It is easy to refund on line, and many times the credit is given back in a matter of hours.

You will hear many many people tell you to book with excursion people, unrelated to Carnival. There are many good companies out there, but keep in mind the area you are going, and the fact on how much you know the area. I advise all newbie's to book excursions with Carnival. It will be more expensive, and in most cases, you will be with more people than on a private excursion, but if it is a Carnival excursion, the ship WILL NOT leave you. The excursion people stay in touch with the ship, and if there is a problem, the ship will wait. If you do private, it will be up to you to get back to the ship on time. Many, many people just want to go to the beach, and that is fine. What I am talking about are where you are going to pay someone to take you somewhere. The Conquest goes to Jamaica, and I advise all to go with a group!! I will talk about that more, when we get there.
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