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Also any other travel hints for Canadian's would be appreciated.
I'm Canadian, and I'm sorry to say I haven't had much luck with Canadian agents as far as getting the best price.

Though recent changes to cruise line pricing policies make shopping for prices a bit more difficult than it used to be.

Royal Caribbean, for example, doesn't allow agents to discount off the price they themselves offer, with the exception of group rates.

I've booked with several online agencies (which doesn't mean they don't exist on land somewhere with an office to sell to locals... many do) But I wouldn't book it online. I call and talk to the agent directly, even if they are located in different parts of the continent.

I'd check the price for the cruise you're interested in on the cruise line web sites, then call or e mail some agents to compare pricing. A good place to start is some of the advertisers who support this website, as wel know they are all long time cruise agents.
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