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Originally Posted by rosetattoo
Sounds like your travel agent dropped the ball. My suggestion would be to find a reputable agency in your area who books a lot of cruises. It's great sitting across the table from a real person to discuss all your expectations and requirements. There are a lot of people who book their cruises online with no problems but we much prefer a face-to-face meeting. It personalizes your cruise and you establish a rapport and a good working relationship with the T.A. They can be of immeasurable assistance to you if you encounter any problems pre or post cruise.
I agree with rosetattoo. Find an Agent that you can sit and talk face to face with. When you do that, you'll be sure that your questions and concerns are being handled right then, while they're still fresh in your mind. You are being very patient and extraordinaryly kind with what happen on your cruise.

Don't give up cruising because of that experience sounds like it can only get better, and it will!
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