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You know, this has been a good cruise so far. The weather has been wonderful, the waves are calm, and before we start our excursions, we have another full day at sea. So, what shall we do? Maybe lay out by one of the pools? Go to one of the events going on around the ship? So many things to do, and so little time.

Before we decide, let me show you something on the balcony. Look over the side and do you see what looks like bugs skimming the water? Those are flying fish. I guess I expected orcas or something, but those are tiny flying fish. When my husband(the fisherman) showed me the first time, I said,"Those are bugs" Okay, I have a blond moment or two every once in awhile. He was so kind when he asked me to remember where I was, and that bugs needed land, and that we didn't have any out here.

Something else I wanted to show you. See in the shower, on the wall. That little thing that you can pull out. That is a close line. It hooks to the other side of the shower, to hang wet clothes on.

Since tomorrow we will be in Jamaica, and you see that the steward has left beach towels for us. Let me tell you what you should have brought with you. (Add this to your list) Before you cruise, go to some place like Wal Mart and get cheap beach towels. The ones from Carnival are really nice, but pick one of those suckers up. It weight a ton, and gets heavier on an excursion, especially if you have to walk awhile. If someone picks up one of Carnivals towels, 22.00 against you. I actually saw a flea market in Cozumel, where they had them for sale. What you want to bet, people either left them, or they were stolen.

You also should have brought sun screen. The sun is very hot year round in the south, especially around water. Word of caution. That spray on stuff that you saw on ads this summer. The kind that says all you do is spray. Well, if you don't read the directions you will spray and rub. Nope, that's not how it works. Spray yes, but the rub does no good, so you have spots where you sprayed, and then lots of red.

Since we are talking about temperatures, let's talk. In Galveston during the summer it is hot, and humid, but during the winter it is as cold as any other part of Texas, and one year some people came back from their cruise, and there was snow on the ground. Doesn't happen often, but you get the idea. But, once the ship gets out into the gulf stream, it will warm up, and if you don't have resort clothes, you are not going to be happy. Remember, the further south you get, it will get warmer. It doesn't matter what ship you are on.

Well, I need something to drink, and you need to go and soak up a little of that sun, so lets go.
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