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You’re quite right, of course.

But surely we all recognize a reassurance question when we see it.

San007 doesn’t believe that a serial killer is loose aboard cruise ships. She is concerned about her safety while aboard ship. We know this by her initial post statement, “You know it really bothers me to hear there is another woman missing while on a cruise.? And also by her statement, “We are very vulnerable on these ships.?

She is concerned about her safety and her security (as we all should be), and is voicing those concerns.

And she is seeking reassurance. She wants to be reassured that she will be safe on her next cruise. She wants to feel safe on her cruises, and she was seeking our reassurance.

And she got picked on for her efforts………

I believe she was responded to unfairly. And I believe her concerns were made fun of unfairly.

Every one of us deserves a safe and secure life. Every one of us deserves a safe and secure cruise. And when we post our concerns, every one of us deserves a safe and secure venue to express our concerns.

I am disappointed that San007’s concerns were treated with such casual disregard. I am disappointed that her concerns were treated with such disrespect.

I believe that we all deserve the benefit of the doubt, and that our concerns will be taken seriously.

And now, I am beginning to have my doubts. San007’s concerns were dismissed oh so casually. So what happens when I have mine? Are they as casually dismissed? Are they as worthy of ridicule?

As anyone would be, I am concerned about this. San007 voiced her concerns and was ridiculed for her efforts. So who’s next?

I don’t want any part of a venue where poster’s concerns are treated with disrespect. Our concerns can be disrespected anywhere – and I thought Cruisemates was beyond that. And now for the first time here at Cruisemates, I have doubts……….

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