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Good Morning and Welcome to Montego Bay, Jamaica

It is Wednesday on the wonderful Conquest. If you are traveling during the winter months, you will have changed your clocks, as directed by your Capers. It is not a time change during the summer, as far as I remember.

We will be docking today, and as you know from last nights Capers that the gym will be open this morning at 6:00, like you are going to need more exercise.

Docking should take place around 8:00.

Explanations: Docking means to pull up to the dock, and be able to walk off the ship.

Tendering means to pull as close to the shore, and dropping anchor, and having smaller boats pick up passengers.

Unfortunately Jamaica is the only port to dock on the Conquest. Hopefully by the time you cruise, you will once again be able to dock in Cozumel.

Docking in Grand Cayman will probably never be possible. The water there is so deep, so close to the shore, that it is financially not good to build a dock. "I'm sorry Mrs. Russo, we just don't want to spend the money, and have such loss of life, when all you people can take our fine boats" That was a quote from a British sounding fellow. Sorry, I can't type with a British accent.

This morning let's go and eat breakfast on the Lido. They are suppose to have their famous french toast today, and it is to die for.

While we are eating, "Isn't the food good?" Let's talk a little about Jamaica. I have been here twice, and thanks to some bad advice, I didn't get off the ship the first time. People had me scared to death. My hubby and teens did the lazy river excursion, and almost went to sleep. Not enough excitement for my boys. The last time we were here we went with Carnival to the Dunn's River Falls. Now I can pretty much guarantee that anything sponsored by Carnival will be safe. What you need to do, is book on line, talk with your group, on what they want to do, and go with that. The Falls are very special, and should be seen by all.

The thing that is so scary is people here do a lot of begging, and they are not easily stopped. There also a lot of armed guards, but they are for your protection. There is a fence around the dock, also for your protection. If you are only wanting to go to the beach, it isn't far, and a taxi cab ride is short, but don't go alone. Go as a group to have the most fun, and to be safe. There is also a big problem with drugs here. I once saw a post on another site, where the whole thing was how legal drugs are in Jamaica. DRUGS ARE NOT LEGAL!!! Some of the problems you might have is someone coming up to you sailing bracelets. "Here, put this on. I want to give it to you free." You put it on and they demand money. None of what I am telling you is hearsay. I have experienced everything I am telling you. Another problem, and a good way to miss the ship, is drugs placed in your tote bag, when you are not looking, and the person doing it, tells on you for 50 American dollars. This was a huge problem once upon a time, but the police got wise to it. The best thing to do is stay with the Carnival group. Watch your bag, and before you go back through the check point to get on the ship, check your bag, to make sure you have only your stuff. If someone tries to sale you something, just keep walking, and don't say anything but maybe, no thank you. Be persistent, they will.

Now I have scared you, so let's talk about the good Jamaica. For one thing, from the coast it is beautiful. if you get away from the beach area, and the slums, you will see mighty plantations, still in operation. Some people that you might recognise are Steven Seagull. He owns hundreds of acres of land, and grows grapes for wine. Johnny Cash and family owned land here, this is where(if you are old enough) he and his family were staying one Christmas, and bandits broke in and tried to kidnap him, and his family. They were caught, because the Jamaicans loved Johnny for all that he contributed to the island. Of course there is the late great Bob Marley, who died of cancer some years ago. Someone once asked if it was far to see his grave, and museum, and the answer was yes. It is located on the other side of the island, and would take hours to get there.

The best way to enjoy Jamaica is to read about it before you arrive. All I did was type Jamaica in Google, and out pops all of this info. It is amazing to see all the things that have taken place here over the years.

More later.......
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