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Before we leave the ship, let me tell you about life on board, if you don't get off the ship. I can only count 6 things, between the time the Caper starts, until 5:00 PM. Port days are a great way to give the staff a break. As you get off the ship, you will notice another exit for them.

The gym is open, the spa (you can usually get pretty good deals here on port days.) The Capers say that the pools are open, but I remember them closed, so who knows. There will be a few things open to eat, but over all it will be a pretty quiet ship.

Well we have eaten, and packed what we wanted to take so let's go.
What? You want to know the best things to pack? Your cheap beach towels, Bottled water, sun screen, water proof camera, chap stick, Pain killer, book. You understand most of it don't you? But what about the pain killer, and book. Well if you dock in Montego Bay, it is a two hour trip to the falls. If you get to much sun, then a Tylenol will make your headache feel better. Also, wear bathing suit, or shorts, and water shoes. Water shoes have the hard bottom, and when water gets in them, the water goes back out. YOU CANNOT DO THE FALLS WITHOUT THEM! Also, when you buy your shoes, make sure that they are not slick on the bottom, and have some sort of grip. The book is for the long trip.

Okay, off we are, and going through the first gate. Into a building, that has shops and check points for you stuff coming back. Straight through the building to the back, where you will see all these people with signs saying which excursion they are doing. Most every excursion requires you to get on a bus. Some are big ones, and some are little, and some even vans. Just look for your sign. Once on the bus, you get settled for the trip. There were no bathrooms on ours, so go easy on the water.
We always try to sit as close to the tour director as we can, because I love knowing what things are. Almost as soon as you leave the port, you will notice the beautiful bay, but also the absolute poverty. Remember when we were kids, and you would put a blanket on sticks or lean it against a tree for a play house or fort? This is where some of them live. Very sad. If this kind of thing bothers you, then get your book out, because I don't remember it getting much better.

After about an hour, we stopped for a break. The place looked like a dump, but the bathrooms were very clean, and there was a place to get snacks, and drinks. They were cooking on big outside grills, but you could tell they were just getting started, because it was still only about 9:00 in the morning.
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