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Default Re: Just returned from 12 night Venice to Barcelona on Melle

Originally Posted by faramarz
June 27th-Civitavecchia

We met Rudy from Rome in Limo ( at 8:00am. The cost for the entire day was 440 Euros (plus tip). The drive to Rome was about an hour.
We went to Trevi Fountain (much larger and ornate than I had imagined), The Forum and Colloseum, Circus Maximus were so inspiring. Rudy secured our tickets and we went right to the front of a large line.
We had the best gelato in Rome right behind the parlament. I still can't forget about that gelato. The name was Julliti.

Ah, We emailed them our Credit Card Details.

Have a nice cruise.
What I really appreciate about your post, faramarz, is that you gave pricing info.

Do you think this was a savings over what could be booked through the cruise ship?
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