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At the top of the falls is another experience totally. I am trying to figure out how to explain it, without scaring all of you, which might cause you to miss the falls all together, and that would be a shame. At the top of the falls is a little shopping area. Those trying to sale their stuff will meet you as soon as you come out of the falls area. You are on your way back to the bus, and you can go two ways. One goes down to the shops, and the other is I believe to the left, that will take you sooner. For those you meet out of the falls, do not talk to them, except to say No Thank you. Do not listen to them, no matter what they offer. They will offer you jewelry, drugs, carvings, etc. You do not want any of it. Keep walking. You will be away from them very soon. Once you get to the parking lot you will be fine. Do not go to the shopping area. Go to the bus. Watch your bag. Stay together. Also do not buy the video that the man is taping as you go up the falls. I am not talking about the one on the bus, that is hired by Carnival. This is an independent guy, who will tell you that he will meet you at your bus with your tape. It is a scam. You will get a case with a nice picture on it, and a CD inside, which once you get to where you can view it, you will discover that you have music, and a little footage of the falls, with you not in it. These are made who knows when, which is why he is able to "burn so many copies so soon." Again, this is not hearsay. The man that was with us, was telling everyone to pose for him, only the light on the camera was not on at the time. He expects you to not be observant. The one guy who bought one on our cruise, got a chance to see it, and it was as I explained.
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