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Tonight after we got cleaned up and went to get something to eat, we went to the magic show. It was okay. Not great, but okay. I also notice that tonight the Internet is 50% off. Except for the teens, everything else on the ship was pretty laid back. Blue's music in the bar, Jazz in the bar, and if you could stay awake long enough, Bathrobe bingo at 11:00. By that time, I was probably asleep. I also notice that this was the night of the free trip bingo. Someone always wins, but sadly never me.

Okay, A couple of things before we say good night. You loose track of time on a cruise ship. If it wasn't for having to get to a show, or dinner on time, you probably would lose all track. Before you realize it, it is late. Also remember that you have three ports of call in a row. If you don't rest (take a nap) you will wear yourself out, and not have as good a time. Tomorrow is Grand Cayman, maybe..........

Special Note: Thank you to those who have encouraged me to do this. I didn't want to write another review, because most of the time, people writing reviews are so tired, they just want to get it over with. I did not however realize how much I had to say. What I have tried to do is to give you a complete outline of your cruise, and give you a chance to see what it might be like for you. No matter what ship you will be taking, most of what I have said applies to all ships. The excursions might be different, but cruise life will not be. Also remember that cruising is what you make it. If you get on that ship, looking for bad, you will find it. If you say Damn I am cruising, you will have so much fun.
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