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Originally Posted by nlb1050
I must repsond to your reply.

I don't know where you live but I do think that most people in the US know that waiter/waitress do not get paid much in hourly wage. And that they depend on tips for a living. This is definitely not a good thing but we must live with it. And our goverment lets this happen. Until this changes and they are paid a decent wage then we do need to tip.

When you get good service you should tip accordingly. Now I'm not going to tell you what is proper (everyone has own idea as to this). Also if you do not get good service the same goes, you tip what you consider proper. As for mandatory tips most resturants do impose a tip on parties of (usually) 8 or more. And personnaly there have been times when this amount is definitely more than we would have left due to bad service. I do think mandatory can be bad for service at times.

A good server would not go after a customer complaining about the tips left and I would have done the same as you did in that situation.

As for tipping on a ship unfortunately being mandatory has both it's good and bad. For my experience on ships I have seen very good service and feel that those that get the tips have earned them. I hope you do too.
Ok. Lets agree on some points.

Yes, minimum wage should be more than $2.13 for servers. Yes many many folks don't understand tipping is expected from both the server nd management.

But here iswhere we will disagree. The server knew, unless they were told a lie, what their salary would be. They knew or at least should of know some folks don't tip. But they still took the job.

In my company where I work I am the Senior Vice President. I oversee HR directly. I approve 99% of the new hires. Folks come to us and we go over our handbook, pay scale and benefits in fairly good detail before we ever offer a job. I want the person to understand what they are agreeing to. We pay fair but not good. Our benefts are excellant. You can work up to a really good salary but it will take you about 5 years.

Here is what burns me the most. Most not all new hires will agree with everything we tell them. They are just so glad to get a job with us. But low and behold on their 91st day, we have a 90 day probation period, they come into my office and tell me how they can't really make it on what we pay. Now granted we don't pay excellant but our starting salary for PT is $7.50 and we are in the south where cost of living is low. This iswhen I tell them you knew our pay policy 90 days ago. It hasn't changed and probably won't in the next few days or months.

My father taught me if you take a job for $2.00 an hour you give the person you work for a good days work. If you think you are worth $3.00 per hour don't take the$2.00 per hour job. Wait until someone see your true worth and offers you $3.00 per hour. What he was saying is this understand what the job pays then decide if you are willing to work hard for that amunt of money if not don't take the job. You agreetowork hard forthe salary you agree to accept. You can't adjust your working effort to your pay.

I now go back to servers. They shoud of known what they would make when they started. So if it isn't what they want go get another job. If ALL servers quit because they wanted more money guess what management would find a way to increase their salary. But here is my thinking on the subject. Remember this is MY idea and not anyone eses. Some folks go into serving as a living because they have been told it is good money andit can be. I have a personal friend who make over $30,000 a year and doesn't work that much. She says she averages $20.00 per hour. The good servers will make decent money but there some out there who I think should pay me. Because I have to tell them everything. If I am training them well.......

I do tip, I tip welll. All that burns me is the additute that I am cheating a person if I don't tip them well. I never hired them. If they have a problem then they need to talk to the managers of the establishment. I am sure if they are good enough servers and their service bring business into the establishment management will find a way to compensate them enough to keep them employed. It is pure and simple capitolism. If we couldn't hire folks for $7.50 to start; GUESS WHAT WE WOULD RAISE THE STARTING SALARY. The work mustbe done. So to all the servers out there. Stop complaning organize and revolt. We need you. If you convince us we need you we will pay you better or at least management will.

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