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I want to finish this up today, so let's get started.

The next morning you arrive in Grand Cayman, and as I said maybe.... I have been on the Conquest twice, and only been to Grand Cayman 1 and a half times. The first time, we got to the island, but could not tender, because of rough seas. As I have read reviews since then, I see that more than a few times, they were unable to go as well.

Grand Cayman is the home of the off shore banks you often hear about in movies and the news. At one time, it had more banks than people. This is a very clean island, but very expensive. If you are short of cash, or are on a budget, you might want to stick to buy a tee shirt.

The best excursion here is the sting rays. It is so much fun, that we plan on doing it again this next cruise.

The next day is Cozumel. I guess this is my favorite port. It should be, because in the last year, I have been there four times. We did two ships back to back last Christmas, and went to Cozumel twice in one week. I also have e-mail contacts there, so I have been able to see the new growth after the big storm on a personal level.

My favorite excursion was and still is the Jet boats offered by Carnival. It doesn't actually go to Coz, but over to Playa de Carmen, and on to Cancun. This is the most exciting trip we have taken. Look into it, if you get the chance.

The last sea day before you get back to Galveston, is a tough one for me. It is of course a sea day, and if I am not careful I get depressed. Cruising has truly been a blessing for my little family. It has brought us closer together, and given us something to do as a family in a time, when my little birds are about to fly from the nest.

The last night, before you dock in Galveston, they will ask you to pack your bags, and place them outside your door, before going to bed. Unless you plan to take your own bags off the ship the next morning. We have only thought of doing self assist once, and laughed and said NO at the same time. It is just to easy to let them handle it.

On the last day are the big sales, on the ship. Don't buy a tee shirt or booze until the last day, because they throw all of it on sale. But, if you see something that you can not do without, buy it when you see it. I collect figurines of dolphins, and they are not always in stock, so I have to buy early. The sales girl for the last ones I bought sold them to me for the sale price that was going to happen later in the week. She said that it doesn't hurt to ask if there is a sale planned on what you want.

Getting off the ship in Galveston takes patience. Try to get out of your room that morning, as early as possible. Remember the Stewards need to get it ready for the next cruisers. Go to one of the dinning rooms and have a nice breakfast, and then find a place to hang out until they call your floor to leave.

As I said, I hope you have enjoyed my Virtual cruise. It was fun to re live the memories, but now it is time for you to make your own.

Happy Cruising


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