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Don, of course the server knew what the hourly pay would be when they took the job. They hope that the tips they receive will be good enough for them to live on. If not then they will change place of employment.

As far as where you work starting people at $7.50 per hour for part time, I understand the person stating they can't live on that but I DO agree they knew the wage when they started and should never taken the position if they were going to try to live on that as sole income. Around here where I live unfortunately a lot of places use $7.50 or just slightly higher as a starting pay for full time and it is not a very nice site to see where these people have to live for that pay. The cost of living around here is not really high but it is much higher than what a lot of people are trying to live on.

Your statement:
"My father taught me if you take a job for $2.00 an hour you give the person you work for a good days work. If you think you are worth $3.00 per hour don't take the$2.00 per hour job. Wait until someone see your true worth and offers you $3.00 per hour. What he was saying is this understand what the job pays then decide if you are willing to work hard for that amunt of money if not don't take the job. You agreetowork hard forthe salary you agree to accept. You can't adjust your working effort to your pay."

I agree with that and was taught the same by my parents. I have taken a job with a starting pay slightly less than I had been making because I knew that I would be eligible for a raise after probation period that would bring me back to where I had been and that the benifits are better than before. Each time I have done this it has worked. Unfortunately the last company I worked for had a bad habit of trying to tell us that when we reveived a low %increase in salary that we had to figure in how much of a bonus we had received and so we really had gotten more. Usually we were told by just our supervisor, but one year it was being done by our supervisor and plant manager and assistant. The year they were doing this real hard ( giving no more that a 2% raise) it took me a bit to get them to understand that a raise (based on job performance) and a bonus ( based on how we had produced as a whole, including number of accidents, for the previous year and paid as a lump sum from company net profit) were 2 different things. When I asked for them to give me the definition of bonus they finally quit trying to add the 2 together. The following year unfortunately 85% of us were layed off because our industry was very badly affected by the hurricanes and only product in stock would be used and no new stock could be produced. I understood this and felt very lucky that they had worked with one of the cities here and FEMA and were able to get most of us temporary jobs. Then last year was not going to be any better and they were going to have to close one of the 3 plants they had in the state and ours was chosen based on what the costs to run it would be compared to what profit they would make and I understood that decision. But because of this I have decided that I will never work in that industry again.

My point being that we as individuals have to know wat we are getting into when we take any kind of job.

So actually Don, I think you and I agree on a lot.
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