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Hey Kitty Canada, ever wonder why there is not a rush of waitstaff from the U.S. to Canada? You know like the rush of mexicans to U.S.A. There is a reason for that. These are two different economies. With two different tax structures and cost of living. Also, in some circumstances different restaurant volume of business.

But otherwise.... lately in U.S. servers mostly feel there duty is to bring your food and check. Heaven forbid they watch to make sure you have enough to drink (I find this a real rarety).

Aboard the ship I feel they do a fine job for the $10/day/person. The maitre de has to go down in history as the most useless person ever. I think they should have Hooter girls as maitre de's, so you get something for you money. Or better yet, canadian waitstaff, for surely they are appealling.
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