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Originally Posted by fl_tpa_1956male
Hey Kitty Canada, ever wonder why there is not a rush of waitstaff from the U.S. to Canada? You know like the rush of mexicans to U.S.A. There is a reason for that. These are two different economies. With two different tax structures and cost of living. Also, in some circumstances different restaurant volume of business.
What would the reason be??
I am not sure if you have been to Canada but we have very high volume restaurants here and yes we do have waitstaff that bring your food and never return.
I find the cost of living is about the same in some U.S. cities.
We pay the same here for some things ...I found the price of groceries were higher in some parts of the U.S. than here.
Bread & cereal is more expensive in Texas than in Ontario as an example.

We do have a lot of Americans in Canada but most don't like the cold winter months as we don't like them much either that is why we travel to warmer climates!.

It is all relative!
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