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My son 'graduated' from his NCLA training yesterday and is sitting at Piney Point waiting to go to Hawaii. He said the MMD cards are the hold up and they come at random. One guy has been sitting at PP for 3 weeks waiting for his card and others come during the 3 week training time.
He did CPR during one class and the only time he left PP in the 3 weeks was for his fire and swimming training. He said both were easy.
LONG days - he was doing room service many days (6 AM or earlier) and then classes with lots of videos. Sounds like his bell person job will be room service, setting up for banquets, and serving at the past guest parties etc. so he thinks it will be an OK job.
NCLA is very strict about being on time for everything - if you are late you get a 'red card' and don't get to do anything during the free time. Also, miss a class and you retake it the NEXT week.
They did have a test which he passed but if you don't, you stay around another week to retake it - must get 70%.
He is VERY ready to leave PP just because it has been a tiring 3 weeks - he keeps using the word 'crazy' to describe it but survivable. He is anxious to get to Hawaii now and get on a ship. You don't find out til you are sent out which ship you'll be on either.
I'll let you know when that happens!
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