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Default Where and Why Do YOU cruise?

People are all different, and obviously there are many different reasons to choose a cruise for a vacation. We just finished a poll that said the Caribbean was "been there, done that," so, if you are one who feels that way, what do you plan to do now. Stop cruising, or go elsewhere?

Personally, I don't cruise for sunshine. I hail from Phoenix and I rarely miss the sun. And so, I admit, a Caribbean cruise is not my first choice, though I won't turn down a good deal, either. But if I lived in Buffalo, a cruise would sound really good right now.

But, the reason why I REALLY love to cruise is because it is the best way to travel and see the world, in my opinion. IN Europe, South America, Asia, etc., what could be better than unpacking once and taking your hotel and restaurants with you? Ships are by far the best way to see the world, especially if you choose a cruise line that spends up to three days in places like St. Peterburg Russia.

Most of the premium and luxury lines are all "traveler" and "enrichment" focused now. They go to exotic places, offer outrageously interesting shore experiences (fly a MiG? Fire a Kalishnikov with a Russian General, African Safaris to Mount Kilimanjaro...). Yet, even the "mass market" lines like Carnival, NCL and Royal Caribbean are going to Europe, Asia and South America these days, with port intensive itineraries and great value on the prices.

That is what cruising is all about for me. No, I don't enter the belly-flop contests, nor do I purchase at art auctions. But I do take shore excursions in every port, and I do go to the specialty restaurants on board.

This is a simple 3-question poll. Either you cruise to get a dose of sunshine, or you cruise primarily as a means of travel, or you cruise to be on ships, and you don't care where they go.

So, please answer, as an individual, the main reason why YOU take cruises, based upon your cruise history and what you would like to do in the future.
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