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Interesting, I see we are now neck & neck. How many out there are like me in the sense that a sea day is sea day, and one is enough. At the end of two I have had enough. It takes a VERY interesting ship to keep me amused for more that two days at sea. I've had a nap, checked out the library, watched a few good movies (all stuff i could do at home).

No, I am much more in tune with the "floating hotel" concept myself. But HEY, don't get me wrong. I know plenty, usually MOST people say they love the days at sea the most. They don't often say why, but they love them.

I have crossed the Atlantic twice, and even sailed 10 days at sea from San Francisco to Polynesia. By the end of that leg EVERYBODY was ready to hit land, and I think the crew pushed the passengers out of the way to get off the ship ;-) (not really - the staff captain held us back). Funny thing, it was on one of the Marquesa islands in the South Pacific (featured in the second Survivor series). And there was nothing there, not even a road. A beautiful beach and jungle, but after a few hours everyone was ready to leave again - next stop Bora Bora. Everyone was like, "c'mon, get onboard so we can go...."
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