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Default Re: Nick & Nora's on Miracle

Nick and Nora's is like going to a 5 Star Restuarant. We have eaten at a couple of places trhat cost us a lot more, and we don't drink, and Nick and Nora's was so much better.

We have tipped $25.00 for the both of us on both the Mircacle and the Legend. We fiqure that it's worth $75.00 for a meal that would cost at least $150-$200 on land.

On the Legend we picked a table close to the kichen, whe we got there and found out how noisy it was, we asked to be moved and the only table available was on the second level. This was a good table but it was too far away from the dance floor for us. The next year on the Miracle we picked a table on thelower level next to the dance floor.
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