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I'm one of the (so far) minority who cruises for the sun and sand of the Caribbean. Maybe that's because I live where there's 6 months of winter. My favourite days on a cruise are the sea days when I can just totally relax on a deck chair in the sun, let my mind wander and my body relax. I cannot explain the rejuvenation I feel with the warmth of the sun.
And paradise? Floating in the turquoise sea under a brilliant sun. That's why I cruise!

My husband would say cruising is about the ship, and the sea, as that's his passion. And both of us love the food and the entertainment too.

I always tell those who are considering a cruise, it's the BEST vacation for a woman because you don't have to do anything but pack. No cooking, no cleaning, you don't even have to make your bed! And if you ;have kids, even they are well taken care of. It's the perfect "escape" vacation!

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