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Originally Posted by kitty2
Originally Posted by dawcruiser

What do you think of that? I think it would get you extremely good service or at least the best service the server can provide.

Well you asked so...
I think it is very condesending to treat anyone like that.
I have never tipped in advance and still received good service on a cruise. We do leave the auto tips on and tip extra at the end to those that have gone the extra mile.

You may want to have read
I am glad you have had such good service. But I must really say that since automatic tipping MY received level of service has noticably dropped.

In my response I was just trying to show what I wanted and how I would reward if it was received.

I REFUSE to accept the fact I owe a good tip to anyone.

In my job. I know at the beginning of the year i will make so many dollars in a salary. But I also know if I go above and beyond I will receive a bonus. The bonus is for me to get or not. I know what level I must acheive to receive it. If I don't really care about anything extra then I just do enough to keep my job. I see the same with waiters, asst waiter and cabin stewards.

The main difference between me and the folks on the ship is I know my boss and have a history with him. If I go above and beyond I get the bonus. The folks on the ship have no idea who I am or what I am expecting and what they will get IF THEY MEET MY EXPECTATIONS.

HERE IS MY QUESTION WHAT IS THE BIGGEST PROBLEM, Let folks guess what I want and how I will reward them or tell them up front what I expect and what the reward will be. What would you want if you were relying for my tip for your livelyhood?

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