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Originally Posted by dawcruiser
The folks on the ship have no idea who I am or what I am expecting and what they will get IF THEY MEET MY EXPECTATIONS.

HERE IS MY QUESTION WHAT IS THE BIGGEST PROBLEM, Let folks guess what I want and how I will reward them or tell them up front what I expect and what the reward will be. What would you want if you were relying for my tip for your livelyhood?

I guess that is part of the problem!

Your expectations may be higher than their job requirements.
It is like the guy snapping his fingers at the Waitstaff in and upscale restaurant!!!

I have had bad service on NCL but other lines the crew work very hard to make sure the PAX are happy & get good service.
If you have a problem with the staff you should mention to their supervisor or to them directly at the time.
I do not see any reason one should have to "spell it out to them"
"Hey if you jump through my hoops I will reward you!"

If someone was being unreasonable to me as a waitress then I might give them poor service knowing they are going to stiff me anyway.

I have seen many people take off the tips and NOT tip at all because they didn't like the food, they didn't eat in the dining room only once, they didn't have the same server, they will get so much money from the other PAX, I need my money for the casino etc...etc..

We are all free to tip or not ...but not be rude or obnoxious about it

I will agree to disagree on this topic and move on!
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