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I have backpacked the world from 1947 until 2003 when my health declined. During the last 30 years, as a quid pro quo with my wife, in exchange for my backpacking, I promised to take her on regular cruises to the areas of the world I had been or was going to. Since 1977, we have taken 41 cruises. During these cruises, my wife has been to 97 countries and all 7 continents. My travels, both backpacking and cruiseing have taken me to 145 countries and all seven continents. I am 77 and my wife 66 and we intend to continue cruiseing for a long as our health permits. Obviously, neither of us are interested is 7 or 10 day cruises although we have taken several to the caribbean. Most of them have been 15 days or longer with many extending to 30 and 35 days.
Our next scheduled cruise is a trans atlantic crossing on a Celebrity ship
which will take us back to Ireland, England and France in April of 07.
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