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Default Cruising

After our first cruises from Aruba and then Miami we vowed never to cruise from at least Miami again..EVER too much of a hassle... Then the cruise industry discovered "homeland cruising" and we were hooked.. A few years ago we discovered trans-atlantic cruising and last year...exactly one year ago today...we had the most exciting adventure of our lives.. We left from Barcelona and visited Malaga (a jewel), Corsica (looked forward, but disappointed), Villafranche, Porta Delardo, Nassau and Ft. Lauderdale and best of all Tuscany from Rome.. Many are places I could never afford to spend a week there with the exchange rate.. The itinerary had included ports that I was very excited about.. and places I'd never been that sounded :"interesting"..I can tell you at this very moment that exactly one year ago we were in Orvieto in Tuscany..a place I had never heard of.. but to my dying day I will never forget the excitement of standing in the square opposite the church and breathing air that was so clear and so crisp. the wonderful sights I took in. I had never heard of Orvieto or Multipulciano or Pienza...but I see them now..In Malaga which was just going to be another port we visited Mijas. which the driver told us about and the white washed buildings, the little shops made me fall in love.. Back in Malaga by accident we found a tiny street restaurant in what I judge would be a short cut or an alley...fresh sardines and calamari...and a walk along their boulevard.. Our next cruise will be trans-atlantic next December only because there three ships going to Casablanca and the Canary Islands..Casablanca, Tangiers and Agadir...What memories, sights and sound await us.. I cruise because I love to meet people whether in ports or on the ship.. Having been a housewife for 51 years I look forward to being served, having wonderful meals, somebody to pick up after me in our cabin and the chance to find another adventure before it's too late..The last port on our trip last y ear was Nassau and I knew my decision never to do the Caribbean again was right....too many cruise ships.. too many tourists all at the same time.. There are places to see and new adventures left for us.. and I hope as long as we can that I can find itineraries that call me.. Yes, we have spent a week in Cartegena, Peru (macchu picchu), Venezuela, etc.. and now still there is Morocco and the Canary Islands calling me.. As somebody said, I think it was Mame.. is a banquet and many people are starving... lol
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