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Default Re: Lido Dining....UGH!

Originally Posted by seattleguy37
Yes I understand the Lido is designed to appeal to as many different tastes as possible but I found it to be crowded, disorderly and about what you'd expect in terms of quality from a "mall food court" kind of layout. After all the money spent on a cruise it surprises me how many people eat up there.

I also thought the servers were a bit skimpy on portions and got the stinkeye if I asked for more. I know I can go back for seconds, but thats not the point.
Well that is true when the ship holds 3000 plus people but when on smaller ships it is not crowded. I do beleive the mega ships needs to have two lido type restuarants to help this situation. I hated standing in line on sea days in the Windjammer on the Mariner of the Seas for 45 minutes plus.

I tried eating lunch in the dinningroom-but the menu was the same everyday and most of it did not fit with my diabetes diet-if I asked the waiters for something differant-they balked-so I stood in line for 45 minutes or more in the windjammer.

That is why I prefer a ship to hold no more then 2000 people. The cruise is MUCH nicer.
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