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Originally Posted by DavidBgood
This is why sometimes GRIPES does not work. for example I am a dinning room person, but the service and surroundings and quality of food available that I experienced 24x7 on Princess this year, and outwith the dinning room was exceptional.

So maybe we have to be more line or ship orientated when presenting these GRIPES, as one GRIPE does not always fit all in cruising.

So GRIPE, and name and shame or at the same time praise those lines, and give readers, especially NEWBIES a chioce or opinion on what may suit them or not, lets not direct posts always on the negative
I am glad to hear that about the CB, David. I will be on CB next week and I HATED Mariner fo the Seas and was very afraid of having the same experience!

I noticed you have been on the Zenith also! I was on her back in February. I guess I am following you around!
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