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Originally Posted by momofmeg
Originally Posted by Barb Nahoumi
I guess that we all developed vivid imaginations by watching too many movies.

My advise-------stay away from the edge.

Yep stop watching Lifetime TV movies!!!!!!!!!!!!

and you know I have had several tell me after seeeing Posiedon-they will never cruise.( these are people who have never cruised.)

I simply said elevator shafts and ship atriums that look like 100 stories is Hollywood sensalism!!!! Most ships have 15 decks MAX!!!!!!

I found that very funny in that movie!! just like a 10 deck fall would not kill you! They had to make it look like a hundred stories! I figured that elevator shaft must have been filmed in the Empire state building or the Sears tower something like them!!!!!

Hey! Lifetime has some great movies!!! My little cousin Kaley is starring in a new movie called, "Fat Like Me". I'm really looking forward to seeing it on Lifetime, so don't turn that channel yet!

Truly I loved the new Poseidon movie. It gave me a giggle to see the stretches of reality too!

Carnival Legend, Thanksgiving, 2006
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