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Originally Posted by VTJen
This is exciting. I would love to do this for real sometime. I love studying ancient civilizations - always wanted to be an archaeologist.
Thanks for bringing us along, Paul.
LISTEN - WE ARE HAVING a CruiseMates cruise next summer that comes to Cairo. It isn't Silversea, so you won't see Petra or the Valley of the Kings, but you DO see the Pyramids. If you love antiquity like I do, and I have seen Rome, Athens, Santorini, Delos, Ephesus and more, this is a treat. Egypt is the oldest surviving artifacts in the world, Babylon and the "cradle of civilization" was mere mud huts when these people were grooving!

I crossed that divide today, where i forgot where century I lived it and I felt what it was like to live as an Egyptian. I Love It when I get to that point. It is worth it.

And it all gets back to our poll, "why do you cruise" -- I cruise to travel first of all, and this a fantastic way to do it.
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