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Lots of travelers here, and I love it ...

Listen - a week in the sun is GREAT, and it is more, yo get to snorkel, water ski, dive, canopy ziplines, etc. The Caribbean is great even for travelers. BUT... take a look at our Cruise Bargains Page at all the deals you can get to Europe with Air, or South America.

If you have ever thought of seeing Rio, Montevideo, Buenos Aires. Or the Chilean Fjords and Antarctica, or the Baltic countries like Sweden, Russia, Estonia, and Poland, or the antiquities of the Aegean sea.

These are all WORLD DESTINATIONS easily accessible by cruise ship. And the ships that go there are port intensive with great tours.

If you are a fairly new cruiser, or maybe a never-cruised, and you are worried about rogue waves, hurricanes, and people getting rowdy - all that stuff mostly happens in the Caribbean.

The "travel" side of cruising, like I do, is alive & well. Better than ever!

Just ask me what it is like to see some of these places.

And I don't even agree with people who say "all you get is a taste", because many ships hit ports for two or three days stops now. And they stop every day, so even if you don't see ALL of Florence Italy, you DO also Pisa, Naples, Venice, Rome, Portofino, Monaco, and all those ports you can reach in a day (and sail at night).

And the price is right - a 12-day European tour, hotel & food included for just over $1000 per person. wow. A railpass is not that cheap unless you carry your sleeping bag and live on McDonald's.
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