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Hopefully someday soon the cruselines will change the word tip to service charge. On most cruise ships today we no longer provide a tip we pay a voluntary service charge.

If I knew, upfront, I was required to pay an additional $10.00 per day for service then I would just pay it and go back to tiping for excellant service as tipping was once done.

Now I know some folks will tell me everyone deserves their tips. I disagree. Everyone deserves their salary but they don't deserve a tip, a tip is earned and it quite subjective. What I consider good service would not cut it with some and other's think anything above a slap in the face is great service. NOW get down from your high horse, I am not saying service on ships is bad. But I don't think it is as good today as it was when I first began cruising in 1988. Tipping in my opinion, (and you know what they say about opinions everyone have a couple and some of them stink), is something the passenger has to live with. I couldn't live with myself I I didn't tip. But some can so to each his own. I just wish if the cruiselines only want to provide minimum wages to their servers and stewards while telling them the tips will make up the diffference they would start charging a service charge so servers and stewardswould get a good salarycfor what they do. But I don't think the ships will because a tip is a charge most don't consider when they plan a cruise. It is an extra expense that most don't plan they just put it on the credit card and then say I wish I hadn't spent so much on the cruise. Actually I think some can't tip because they max their credit cards before they get to the tip. If it was an upfront charge some would say we can't afford to cruise this year. The cruise lines wants you on the ship. After they get you there they will make a profit. Do you really think a cruse line make huge profits selling inside cabins for $300.00 for a 7 day cruise, (and I normally pay $300.00 or less. The other money is just passed through the cruiselines and paid in port charges and taxes)? No they don't the $300.00 probably just pay expenses but if they can get you on board you just might buy a $20.00 photo. My wife has a pet grooming business and sell photos of dogs and cats at Christmas. She pays less than $1.00 to have the picture printed and sells them for $9.95. So for 5 minutes time and a $50.00 camera she makes clears over $8.00 for each photo she sells. She doen't consider rent or insurance because she has to to have it anyway for her grooming business. Photos are just extra income. A cruise line thinks the same way. This is what is considered marketing products to make a profit. Every grocery store who has been in business over 10 years sells what is know as loss leaders. Example turkeys at Thanksgiving. Have tou every seen turkey advertised for 9 cents a pound? Well last time I bought turkeys and I buy them in quanity to feed the homeless I had to pay nearly30 cents per pound. How can a grocery store sell them for 9 cents, They can't. They lose money on eaqch turkey but they think if you buy your turkey from them you will buy your cranberry sauce from them. They sell cranberry sauce for 79 cents a can and it cost them 10cets or so. In the long run they make a profit. Cruise ships use the same idea. Everything you buy on ship make a huge profit.

All I wish is this they name a tip what it actually is in today's cruise ship market.

Just mythoughts.

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