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Well as you can see we live in Buffalo and we took a long flight to Hawaii last November. We did get a break since we had a quick layover in Chicago. The flight from there was about 9 hours as I remember.

I was another one who said that I would never go that far just because of the long flight. As it turned out, it wasn't all that bad.

Take a good book and plenty of food to eat unless you know that they will be feeding you on the plane.

Friends of ours suggest taking Nyquil and shots of Tequila but that is not for everyone!

BE prepared for the flight back. We did not leave Hawaii until 11PM and it was a long day waiting for the flight. We did a lot of sight-seeing and still got to the airport about 5PM.

The good part was that we did sleep a lot on the return since it was mostly overnight.
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