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Originally Posted by Donna
HI Don,
Tipping is just a nice way of letting someone know that you appreciate a job well done. For my daughters wedding we did tip the people that did a wonderful job, even though they still got their regular pay for the job.
Donna, your first sentence says it all. Tipping should be for a job
well done,

I don't know how things go over your side of the pond but here, we
are expected to tip the taxi driver, even tho' he doesn't say a word
the whole journey, the hairdresser who asks the same dumb
questions every time you visit, the pizza delivery boy who presents
the box upside down. .

I am hoping that I will be tipping an extra few dollars to the waiters,
cabin staff etc., as it will mean that I have had a fantastic cruise.
Both my wife and I work in fairly low paid jobs but when you read
here just how poorly paid cruise staff are, then it really is a wake
up call.

IMO if you have paid your 10bucks a day p/p and people are going
out of their way to give you a holiday to remember, then tip extra.
If you don't like tipping, then go for an all inclusive cruise. (And feel
the pain upfront).
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