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Default Re: HEAR HEAR!!!!! At least non-smoking CABINS!!

Originally Posted by cheezz
It almost ruined my cruise on Princess Diamond. Booked a balcony for the first time and could hardly use it. The people on BOTH sides were heavy smokers and I swear they just waited for us to open our balcony door and they were out there in a shot, lighting up. We couldn't breathe for the smoke, and had to come back in and close the door. What a waste!
I am giving Carnival 2 chances in 2007 to do something about the smoking. If I have to experience that stink like I had to endure last time, I will stick to non smoking land destinations for my vacations in the future. With the meetings Carnival has coming up about smoking, I hope Carnival does something to make their ships the family ships they want to be known as. I would like to enjoy the casino, but until they get rid of smoking in there, they will not get a dime from me.
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