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Originally Posted by katlady
I love this site I was just in Kenya with sue and now I'm crusing the Suez loved the videos. Keep up the good work. It's so cool that you are a world a way and with a click of a buttom I'm there.

A whole new selection of pictures from inside the Suez canal. We left about 3:30 am because we have about 35 ships that need to go south and onlyu 7 going north, but those 7 have a higher priority than ours do. So, it was pl;anned that both groups could startr, but our group was required to anchor in Bitter Lake for 6 hours as the other ships passed us by.

That is what the pictures reflect. You see many cargo ships and just a few passenger vessels. I assume the ones coming the other way had military or government authorization for higher priority.

The ship is beautiful... fellow passengersd are so friendly we have already met two other couples we are meeting for dinner. This is just one of those ships were people talk to each other, a "CruiseMates" kind of ship.

Tomorrow we go to St Katherine's Cathedral, said to be built near the spot where Moses founbd the burning bush. It is on Mt Sinai, of course. Today was a "sea day" being in the suez canal, I napped, what else do you on a sea day?

I missed a great lecture on the history of thwe Suez, unfortunately. Please see the new picture gallery, and more tomorrow night! The tours are SO complex here, it isa hard to finbd Internet time.

Farewell, fellow cruisers...

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