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haha wowwwww. i haven't done anything too crazy. but i've been around some crazy stupid stuff.

one kid, tyler, at 3am was outside in the cabin hallways with this kids laptop playing the song "roses" by outkast dancing in only his boxers, while we ordered room service. so he was doing it for them. it was hilarious. we got like the funniest videos, but i could get it to work on my camera =[

and the same kidd. we were up on the top deck. and he was just dancing away for no reason. and something flew out of his pocket and he's likeee ohh that was my seapass! and it lands, where?! but right in the pool! so he goes and takes off his shoes and socks and rolls up his pants and is trying to get in the pool and get it but it's right in the middle so he had to go get the pool sticks and fish it outtt. wow funniest thing ever and it was only just our sns and numbers and stuff. not his seapass.

then a different kid found one of those "swipe seapass here" stickers and put it right by his crack and people were coming up to him and "swiping it" the whole night. so funnyyy!
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