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Originally Posted by jonoxl
I've worked in laundry rooms and to be honest, if given the
chance, I would rather run around like a blue a*sed fly
serving food or drinks rather than work in those dungeons.
They deserve the tips just as much as your smiley waiter.
(If not more). Believe me.
I believe every word you have wrote. But I wonder something. Let me give you some back ground first.

I am 59, will be 60 in December. I was born on a farm, which my family didn't own. I have inherited exactly $4,900.00, (four thousand and nine hundred dollars), in my lifetime, $1,100.00 from my grandfather on my mothers side and $38,00.00 when my father died. I am a only child. My mother died when I was three I lived the rest of my early life living with my aunts or friends of the family. I graduated from High School but didn't decided I need a college education till I was age 33, I was married at the time and had 4 kids. We, my wife and I, paid for 90% of my education I was given grants for about 10% of the cost. When I walked across the stage I didn't owe a dime for my education. I borrowed absolutely nothing to go to college on. My father had a 5th grade education. I have had at least 12 different so far in my life. I actually lost count and have been business for myself twice, went broke both times. My current job I have had for 15 years and I am the Senior Vice President, I don't want to name where I work but we have 88 employees and have a budget each year of nearly $8,000,000.00. My job is overseeing the spending that money each year.

I only mention the above so you will not think I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth and to show you that a person can overcome whatever life throws them if they want to and are willing to work for it.

So with my background in mnd I ask why don't you get a job as a waiter? Or anything else you desire. I know I am Anerican and live in the land of opportunity and you may not be American but I am sure if you worked at it you coud get out of the laundry. Maybe I am wrong but I hope for your sake I am not wrong.

My forefathers came to America instead of being put in debtors prision.
I have moved to 3 completely different states because the opportunity I needed was there and knew absolutely noone in any of those states which I moved.

PLEASE PLEASE don't think I am trying to put you or any otherperson who reads this post down. I am not. I feel your plight. I have worked at many jobs which I absolutely hated, why, because they paid the bills and were a stepping stone to the next job. I wrote the above hopefully to inspire you to move on to bigger and better thinks in your life. Thereis one other thing which I must say and that is this. When I put God and His Son Jesus Christ in their proper place in my life, my life began to change. If you are not a Christian look into it.

Just my thought and God bless you,

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