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I will agree with Bambi. Rome in Limo was great!

Duman picked us up at the port in Rome and drove us to Tivoli for the day and then back to the hotel. He recommended a great cafe for lunch as well as well as dinner. We ate at the place that created Fetticine Alfredo! Best pasta I have ever had!

Carlo drove us around Rome the next day and arranged for a private guide through the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel. Katrina was wonderful! She offered alot of side commentaries about the museum that I know we would not have gotten otherwise. Showed us the best place to stand in the Sistine Chapel to get the full effect!

Carlo took us around areas that we would not have been able to see on a tour bus.

I was very nervous about booking sometime on line sight unseen but was not disappointed! I would definitely use them again!
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