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Originally Posted by DavidBgood
Just looking for information from those that have all the problems directed and no answers, when was the last time something like this happened on a ship? Actually that does not matter............

I'm just asking given the number of ships / lines that sail per day across the world times the number of people onboard at anyone time and I would guess per day around half a million on ship on any given day! So how often does this happen?

MMMM, what some of you are talking about here is rumour and speculation, and having too vivid an imagination with no real basis.

Name the line or ships this is happenning on, and apart from people looking after themselves and being sensible about their actions they can then think do I want to go on this line?, again I will ask what lines or ships is this happening on in a regular basis?

Think of all the people who go to Disney World every day/month/year ... but when there is a death, there is an investigation.
No one says, "Well, gee, one lady died but millions go to the park each year and are fine."

If a person on a cruise ship were a member of YOUR family and disappeared, you would not blow it off so casually.

I don't think there are serial killers aboard ships or terrorists.
But I do think that a lot of people on vacation tend to be lax about security. And a lot of people drink too much. Things happen.

The best advice is to always be aware. Stay with others. Don't go wondering off alone.
*~* It's a jungle out there kiddies! Have a very fruitful day.*~*
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