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I agree...I also don't believe there are serial killers or terrorists aboard any cruise ship.

When we're on vacation...we really want to relax and put all our worries and concerns on hold...somehow...we tend to think the world does too! That is until we get home and collect our mail ....and see the bills that won't wait, the backed up projects at our jobs and the laundry we have to do. But it WAS fun!!!!

But remember just because we're on vacation, and that our life's reality may be on hold...doesn't mean that everyone else is...we still have to be careful about personal security.

Excessive drinking? I don't endorse it on shore, let alone on a ship!
(I do DRINK...but firmly believe that a drunk is no fun. They're an embarrassment to themselves and everyone else who is with them or has to watch their antics)
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