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Well, where do I start.
Please don't think I take offence to you're post, I don't.
I was just stating that there are some crappy jobs out
there and someone has to do them. Please don't feel
"my plight" as I've done ok by putting in a lot of hours
and graft in over the years, so has my wife, probably
even more so than me which is we can afford to visit
your land of opportunity, being that we come from
that backwater that is the UK.

TBH, the only reason we are going on this holiday is
that my wife is celebrating her 40th birthday and always
wanted to cruise and always wanted to visit the US. Both
of which never really appealled to me, no offence as I
much prefer a couple of weeks in Spain in July, but it is
her birthday and there aint no way that I am doing a Med
cruise in November. Two birds with one stone
spring to mind

Back to the original point which was tipping, Carnival are
paying these people a pittance in the knowledge that we
are inflating their wages through tips. You can't get away
with that in this backwater, (Minimum Wage Act), unless
you recruit illegally, which the big companys don't do, but
most of the cruise ships over this side of the pond are
registered under "flags of convenience" so can pretty
much get away with murder. I don't know if that is how
they work it over where you are. I knew the position when
I booked the cruise. If I was on a cruise where tipping was
(supposedly) not allowed, I would still tip where I thought
was appropriate.

I have stated in another post that I have just acquired
my first ever credit card, at the age of forty, soley to
make the whole purchasing process easier, (and to let
my wife go a bit mad at the shops). :evil: I'm more
a "cash in hand" man, (typical Scot).

I appreciate what you have done with your life, and
you seem very happy, (which is the main thing). I am
very happy with what I have achieved, no doubt we
could all have done a little bit more.

Re the last bit of your post, which for this time only, I
will comment on. I am a practicing Roman Catholic
and so, (at the moment), is my daughter. My wife just
doesn't "do" religion. Happy families .
I will sign off in the words of the great Irish comedian
(love him or loathe him). Dave Allen

"May your God go with you".
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