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We are sailing in to the port a Aquaba right now. Today we make the trip to Petra.

Yesterday, my wife went to St Katherine's monastery, built next to what is to believed to be the burning bush of Moses. The bush still grows, yet no clippings of it have ever survived anywhere else.

There are fresh pictures of the monastery in my picture gallery. I did not go (too much complimentary wine last night?) because I did not feel well. She told me there were 5 security checkpoints along the way.

The monastery is Greek orthodox, dedicated to St Katherine who was a Moslem who converted to Christianity, much to the chagrin of her father and family. Holding steadfast, she lived and died a Chrtistian and her body is said to have risen and was later duiscovered in this spot, next to the burning bush.

The monastery has survived for many centuries, being protected and respected by all Moslems, Jews and Christians in the area all this time.

Afterwards, we ate dinner in our cabin, delivered by our butler one course at a time: caviar appetizers, whole lobster, prime rib, and chocolate souffles. Champagne included of course.

Today, Petra, home of the Queen of Sheba (so, who do you think you are?). Once the home of the Nabatians, the city is well preserved from the 1st century ad, and contains over 800 monuments. Supposed to be one of the most extensive sites of antiquity in the world. I am excited.
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